I cannot stand how often 45 says the word “I” every time he speaks. These days I can hardly listen to him speak or watch him on TV. When I watch the nightly news, I cringe at the sound of his voice, never mind what he might say that I without fail find appalling. But what frustrates me the most is how often he talks about himself. I know a lot of people feel the same way and I know I say “I” frequently on this site. But I am not the leader of the free world standing in front of America talking about myself. The amount of time 45 spends discussing himself should be calculated. I bet the numbers would shock us all.

One of my favorite things are the psychologists on true crime shows that analyze body language. I would love to sit with someone who can read people while watching footage of 45, especially if it were muted (as we know much of what he actually says doesn’t really seem to matter). I want to know what his hand gestures mean and what his facial expressions divulge about who he is as human. I cannot imagine that analysis of the way he presents himself would surprise me all that much. I also doubt that I would be able to understand him. Often I have the problem of trying to understand people who cannot be understood.

Lately, I have been trying to figure out what his supporters see in him. I have done some reading about why people chose to go to the inauguration or why people continue to support his policies, decisions, and rhetoric. But the man that these people describe could not be more different from the man that I see is in the White House.

“He is honest and tells it like it is.” — There have been countless articles and reports since his inauguration alone that prove he lies to the American people almost so often that the press can’t keep up. And what does he tell like it is? Most of what he says is so difficult for me to follow that I have to reread his quotes a few times before maybe getting to the bottom of it.

“We shouldn’t judge him by what he’s said behind closed doors.” — He said on camera with a microphone attached in a scheduled, recorded interview that he sexually assaults women. That he feels he can take advantage of unsuspecting women with impunity. I don’t know how to see that those comments should not be judged.

Those two arguments for him are the most infuriating. I do not see a man who is honest. And I have and will continue to judge him for what he says on television for it continues to shock and horrify me. I don’t want to imagine what he says behind closed doors.


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