I had taken a break. I spent the weekend with my two favorite women, my mother and sister. I got my nails done. I watched my team make history at the Superbowl. I felt good. I spent Monday helping my sister at her business, a dog daycare in New England. Spending the day around dogs made me feel good. It was a therapy I very much needed. I didn’t have a headache for the first time since January 20th.

I woke up today, February 8th, and looked at Twitter for the first time in a few days. My headache came back almost immediately. It feels like strong pressure on my left temple that always finds a way to crawl down the left side of my body. I typically use Twitter to sort of keep myself informed. To get the headlines and find stories that interest me that I can look more into later.

The story I woke up to this morning was about my senator. She had been silenced. A lot of stories about the administration of 45 had upset me so far. I had taken to the streets with my fellow Americans to stand against hateful policies. But Elizabeth Warren being told she could no longer speak makes me feel more hopeless than I have so far. I tried to see if people were being overly dramatic about what happened, wrapped up in the fury of protest. Twitter can be like that. But they weren’t. She had been told no, sit down and shut up.

Because she was told no, I feel like I was told no. I have written her once a week thanking her for her never ending work in the Senate. I have done my part as an active citizen by being engaged in the democracy. I have done everything I know how to do. And the republicans told me no. They told me to sit down and shut up. How did we get here?


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