I have been thinking a lot about women. I love powerful women. And I don’t necessarily mean women we all know like Hillary, RBG, Tina Fey or Beyonce (although I do love them as well). I mean women like my best friend in medical school in Boston. Or Laura Richards, a criminal behavioral analyst in the UK who spends her time trying to prevent horrifying crimes (check out her show on Netflix called “Killer in the Family” if you’re into true crime). Or Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, who have the best podcast ever and make me feel comfortable in my own skin. Or Margaret Atwood, whose book The Blind Assassin which I am currently finishing up. I bring her up because I read the following passage from that book and it really resonated with me:

She hasn’t given up hope, just folded it away: it’s not for daily wear. Meanwhile the body must be tended. There’s no point in not eating. It’s best to keep your wits about you, and nourishment helps with that. Small pleasures too: flowers to fall back on, the first tulips for instance. No use going distracted. Running down the street barefoot, shouting Fire! The fact that there is no fire is sure to be noticed.

I think those lines are a good summation of how we may all be feeling since January 20 or more likely November 9.

But back to the women. I find strength in my fellow females. I am endlessly inspired by women who are out there doing the thing they love and not wasting time questioning themselves or giving into the pressures of society that all women feel. The badasses who are doing their thing are the best people we have. I hope to encounter more of these women in my everyday life.

So thank you to these incredible women. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.


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